RUMUOLUMENI, P.M.B.5047

                                                      PORT HARCOURT


                                               Office of the Dean Student Affairs

I congratulate you all for being among the few that passed through the “eye of the needle” of JAMB this year. It is a privilege.

You are here for an Orientation program. What is Orientation? It is a training or information that is given before starting a new job or course. Part of its aim is to help you understand your new environment quickly so you can settle down to business immediately and with fewer difficulties or mistakes. Therefore take the exercise seriously and learn everything you can. Get to know the places you will be visiting regularly during the course of your study here:

-the library

-the health centre

-the hostels

-the bursary department etc

Most important place is your department; get to meet your Dean, HOD, Faculty officers and Lecturers. Be professional and know the persons by name:

Prof so and so, Dr or Mr. etc not Aunty, Uncle or Mummy so and so which is not typical of an academic environment. Choose your friends well; remember the adage “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” holds true all the time. Are you confused about what Associations, Clubs or Unions to join? Check with the Student Affairs Department for clarification (you will find the list of clubs/unions, their aims and membership list as a guide).

Are any persons bothering you already to join their clubs? Be careful of such persons. It is your life and you should have a choice what you do with it. Do not allow any persons force you into anything.

I wish you a good stay and success in this institution. Strive hard to achieve excellence right from this beginning. Be focused on the reason you came and good success will certainly be yours. Cheers.


About Ignatius Ajuru University of Education

Ignatius Ajuru University of Education is envisioned as the most suitably structured, resourced and mandated agency with potential for engendering, sustaining and refining through all foreseeable educational futures for Rivers State, a dependable supply of suitably prepared graduate manpower stock for maintaining a pre-tertiary educational system which is model in governance, system management, formal instruction, curriculum realism, research productivity, support services, global networking, institutional repute, and school leaver worthiness in learning and character.
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