The motto of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education is “Excellence, Integrity and Service“.

The word Excellence in the university motto provides the inspiration, passion, drive, and guidance for staff and students of the university to try to be the best in their academic, research, and community service pursuits.

The word Integrity in the university motto connotes the notion of trust between the university and the community through truth embodied in the programmes and activities of the university. It conveys the norm that universities are centre of excellence and of hope for the growth and development of society.

The word Service in the university logo signifies the call on members of the university to progressively contribute their best to the growth and development first of their immediate community, Rivers State, and then Nigeria, and ultimately all of mankind. The objective is to always draw attention of members of the university community to the duty they owe the larger society and to cement the eternal relationship between town and gown.

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